Home Extension Guide

Extending Your Home

Building a new home extension is an exciting time as you pore over the many house designs plans that are available.

Seeking that special one that is just right for your needs. Then you must be patient and wait until the home is built before you can move in. But perhaps your needs have changed over the years since you first built your home and now there is not quite enough room.

Home Extension GuideYou find yourself looking over home extensions plans to see where and how you can add an extra room to fit everyone in more comfortably. Or perhaps you would like more room to entertain your friends or offer a lovely guestroom to house-guests.

Before you go ahead and choose your extensions to fit in with what is available, it might be better to explore some other options.

For instance, you could call on the services of an architect to draft plans for your building extensions. This would ensure that the extensions were exactly as you want them, rather than adapting your wants to fit a ready-made plan.

Find an architect who specialises in building extensions drafting – one who will listen carefully to what you want and do his best to design that unique extension plan just as you envisage it.

A question you may ask about the design aspect is “Should I Choose UPVC or Timber Sash Windows?

An architect will firstly come and inspect your home and site, and he will then be able to guide you through the maze of building regulations so that your extensions will be acceptable to council. He or she may even make suggestions that you had never thought of, simply because you were unaware of the many different options.

For instance, if you were thinking of expanding to the side or back on your home, it might be even better to go up and build another storey to your home instead. This would give you even more space than extending outwards – and save space in your yard as well.

To get an idea of the likely costs involved, and some of the options that are in the market, mylocalprices.co.uk could be very useful.